Minghao Cai

PhD candidate, 

Department of Computing Science, 

University of Alberta, Canada



Hi there! I am a PhD candidate at University of Alberta. My research interests lie in Human-computer Interaction, Affect (emotions), and Learning Analytics. I am particularly focused on understanding how learners' affect may impact their mental effort and behavioural patterns when interacting with emerging educational technologies. This is crucial to providing insights that inform automated adaptive designs which can improve performance and enhance experience. For my Master's thesis project, I constructed a remote communication system with Mixed Reality and gesture interactions to provide a "trip-together" feeling.


Talks & Presentations


CMPUT 174 - Introduction to the Foundations of Computation I

CMPUT 272 - Formal Systems and Logic in Computing Science

CMPUT 302 - Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

Academic Service (Review & PC)

As an active researcher, I have served on academic committees for several years and have reviewed more than 40 papers.


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