Conferences  [* Presenter]

Cai, M., Rebolledo Méndez, G., Arevalo, G., Tang, S. S., A Abdullah, Y., & Demmans Epp, C. Toward Supporting Adaptation: Exploring Affect's Role in Cognitive Load when Using a Literacy Game. The ACM CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2024. CHI2024, Hawaii, US (Accepted)

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Gonz ́alez Esparza, L., Cai, M., Palestino, I., Rebolledo-Mendez, G., Demmans Epp, C., & Cutumisu, M. Automatically Detecting Affect in Computerized Learning Environments: A Systematic Literature Review. 20th Biennial European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction Conference. EARLI'23. August 2023, Thessaloniki , Greece 

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*Cai, M., Zheng, B., & Demmans Epp, C. (2022, July). Towards Supporting Adaptive Training of Injection Procedures: Detecting Differences in the Visual Attention of Nursing Students and Experts. In Proceedings of the 30th ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (pp. 286-294).

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Cai, M., & Tanaka, J. (2019). Go together: providing nonverbal awareness cues to enhance co-located sensation in remote communication. Human-centric computing and information sciences, 9, 1-25.

Symposiums [* Presenter]

*Minghao Cai, Soh Masuko and Jiro Tanaka. Analyzing Interaction in Remote Joint Shopping System. The 12th International collaboration Symposium on Information, Production and Systems (ISIPS 2018), pp 57-58. Nov. 2018, Japan (Excellent Paper Award)

*Hao Dou, Zhinan Li, Minghao Cai, Kelvin Cheng, Soh Masuko and Jiro Tanaka. Immersive Mixed Reality Shopping System Based on Scene Recognition. The 12th International collaboration Symposium on Information, Production and Systems (ISIPS 2018). Nov. 2018, Japan

Poster & Presentation

Student design:   Let’s Go Outside — a telecommunication assistant system for people with inconveniences  by Minghao Cai,  is selected and presented in the 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, USA, July 2018  Read more

Poster: A Remote Sightseeing System Providing Trip Together Feeling, Minghao Cai, Jiro Tanaka, The 11th International collaboration Symposium on Information, Production and Systems (ISIPS 2017), November 2017, Japan (Excellent Poster Presentation Award)